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Kyda Leather have been supplying the Medical Industry with Medical Grade Sheepskin Products since 1989. Official suppliers to the NSW Government Hospitals for 11 years, which helped establish Kyda as a reputable brand and wholesale supplier to the industry.

Kyda Leather & Sheepskin

Medical Sheepskin Specialists

Medical Sheepskin

Medical Sheepskin: Assists in the prevention of bed sores. The insulating properties make them warm in Winter and cool in Summer. They offer complete comfort for convalescing patients in home care.


These premium quality products will keep your feet comfortable and protect soft skin where pressure sores can occur. We stock a range of medical footwear in both RT-60 and High Temp HT-80. 


We stock a great range of medical sheepskin products for use with wheelchairs. Armrest covers, back pads, seat pads, footplate covers, wheelchair seat and back covers as well as sliding mats. View our range.


Merino wool has moisture and temperature management properties, and naturally assists regulation of body temperature, We stock bed underlays and Aussie Foot Warmers. View our range of products.

Infant Care

Lambskin blankets and underlays provide infants with a secure feeling environment when travelling and in their own bed. We stock quality cot underlays, baby car seat/pram liners and more.


In this category you will find a range of products including elbow protectors, crutch covers, hot water bottle covers, bed pads, chair pads and premium woolskin woolwash sheepskin shampoo.



Featured Product

High Temp Medical Sheepskin

$120.00 – $165.00

HT-80 High Temp Medical Sheepskin – FREE WOOLWASH

Approximate sizes:
Regular Size 90 x 60cm (approx due to natural shape)
Large Size 96 x 65cm (approx due to natural shape)
XLarge Size 100cm x 65-70cm (approx due to natural shape)
XXLarge Size 105cm x 70-75cm+ (approx due to natural shape)

Fully machine washable to 90 degrees Celsius.
Please Note that all Medical Sheepskin Products to be dried on COOL Setting only

Health Benefits

The wool fibres, each individually held intact by the tanned skin of the lamb, contribute to the KYDA Medical Sheepskin’s value as a medical product. Interfaced between patient and bed, the KYDA Medical Sheepskin reduces pressure, friction and moisture, which are the primary causes of pressure sores. The KYDA Medical Sheepskin can be machine-washed or dry-cleaned and washing instructions are included with every sheepskin.

wool-fibre-absorption Medical Sheepskin

The KYDA Medical Sheepskin can absorb up to 34% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp. Sheepskin rapidly dissipates this moisture away from the source to alleviate discomfort to immobile patients from perspiration, thus reducing moisture build up at pressure points.

Who Should Use Them? The KYDA Medical Sheepskins are ideal for people who need to spend long periods sitting or lying down, such as: the Immobile, Elderly or Frail, Paraplegic and Quadriplegic, Spinal Patients, Convalescing Persons and Arthritis Sufferers, Aged care and disability care organisations

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