About KYDA Leather & Sheepskin

KYDA Leather & Sheepskin was established in 1989 by David and Kylie Adams

About KYDA Leather & Sheepskin

At KYDA Leather & Sheepskin, we have a passion for quality Australian sheepskin and lambswool products that have real health benefits. All our skins are hand trimmed, perfectly shaped and beautifully presented. … with a premium finish that is second to none. We only use 1st grade quality Australian Sheepskin and Lambswool products and our quality assurance process ensures that we can guarantee the quality of all our products.

KYDA Leather & Sheepskin was established in 1989 by David and Kylie Adams.”Many people had contacted us, asking if our products would be suitable for Hospital use, as most other products on the market were unsuitable” Medical Sheepskins need to withstand high temperature washing, without shrinkage associated with standard sheepskins, such as those used in car seat covers.

!n 1989 there was a lack of specialist suppliers of this specialised product, as most companies weren’t interested in this niche; medical grade products, choosing instead to make and sell Ugh Boots, Floor Rugs and Car Seat Covers. The medical market demanded the highest quality sheepskins, complemented by a premium finish, as even the leather side of the sheepskins are buffed and cleaned for use directly on hospital bedding. We took up the challenge, to produce Medical Grade products ONLY. We are now one of the largest suppliers of Medical Sheepskin Products in Australia.

KYDA Leather & Sheepskin, through Government contracts, have a proven track record having provided Medical Grade Sheepskin products to Australian Hospitals for many years.
We supply many of Australia’s Pharmacy, Rehabilitation and Medical Equipment chains with our quality Medical grade products.
The amazing properties of Medical Sheepskin has now drawn international attention and we now have a UK and EU distributor to personally service that market.
Our product range covers most uses, however, we also provide custom made products to suit specialised needs. We really hope that you find the product that you require and get much needed comfort out of your Kyda Medical Sheepskin.

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