The wool characteristics maximise pressure relief for low risk pressure area care and provides enduring comfort for all who use KYDA Medical Sheepskin in the pressure, aged and disability care, environments.

  • Babycare_ivory Kyda_Gold-SheepskinRug-600x600
    Hospital Grade Medical Sheepskin Regular Size Luxurious feel with 25 - 27mm wool length. Leather side is buffed to a lovely suede finish. Beautifully hand trimmed shape and packaged with full care instructions Regular: Approx Size is 90 x 55 -60cm (size approx due to natural shape) Large: Approx Size is  96 x 60 - 65cm (size approx due to natural shape) XLarge: Approx Size is 100cm x 65-70cm (size approx due to natural shape) XXLarge: Approx Size is 105cm x 75cm (size approx due to natural shape)
  • INFANT CARE LAMBSKIN PINK Infant Care Lambskins
    Infant Care Lambskins are soft, plush and comforting for babies and toddlers. 25-27mm Wool length and washable to 60 Degrees C (yes, these are Medical Grade) Available in Ivory, Gold, Pink and Blue.

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