Medical Sheepskin: Assists in the prevention of bed sores. The insulating properties make them warm in Winter and cool in Summer. They offer comfort for convalescing patients in home care.

  • Dlx Slipper High-Temp rear Dlx Slipper HighTemp
    High Temp 3 Piece Upper with black contrasted binding around edges and covered Velcro straps, Suede Heel Counter. Shown in size small (contact us for more size information)
  • High Temp Medical Sheepskin High_Temp

    High Temp Medical Sheepskin

    HT-80 High Temp Medical Sheepskin - FREE WOOLWASH Approximate sizes: Regular Size 90 x 60cm (approx due to natural shape) Large Size 96 x 65cm (approx due to natural shape) XLarge Size 100cm x 65-70cm (approx due to natural shape) XXLarge Size 105cm x 70-75cm+ (approx due to natural shape) Fully machine washable to 90 degrees Celsius. Please Note that all Medical Sheepskin Products to be dried on COOL Setting only
  • Babycare_ivory Kyda_Gold-SheepskinRug-600x600
    Hospital Grade Medical Sheepskin Regular Size Luxurious feel with 25 - 27mm wool length. Leather side is buffed to a lovely suede finish. Beautifully hand trimmed shape and packaged with full care instructions Regular: Approx Size is 90 x 55 -60cm (size approx due to natural shape) Large: Approx Size is  96 x 60 - 65cm (size approx due to natural shape) XLarge: Approx Size is 100cm x 65-70cm (size approx due to natural shape) XXLarge: Approx Size is 105cm x 75cm (size approx due to natural shape)
  • INFANT CARE LAMBSKIN PINK Infant Care Lambskins
    Infant Care Lambskins are soft, plush and comforting for babies and toddlers. 25-27mm Wool length and washable to 60 Degrees C (yes, these are Medical Grade) Available in Ivory, Gold, Pink and Blue.

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